Happy Passover

‘Eden’, climbing rose

Passover is an annual reminder of liberation, learning, and lifestyle, a repetitive cycle of transcendence.

The rose featured in this photo is ‘Eden’, a climber. May we also reach higher levels as we grow.



Welcome Spring!

Although a tad chilly here in Maryland, I welcome the first day of Spring! Since purchasing my new home with a modest yard near a river, I pre-ordered five roses from various rose vendors and bought four more from Home Depot. I look forward to sharing photos and tips this glorious garden season.

Joseph’s Coat, a climbing rose.

The Fruit Reveals the Root

One meaningful lesson I learned in my Jewish studies is if you are manifesting fear or anxiety, it reveals you are not trusting in God.  The fruit reveals the root. “Bitachon” is the Hebrew word for trust, which is different than faith or “emunah”. Faith is more of head knowledge or belief God exists; whereas, trust is a posture of the heart, surrendering action, or a response deep within to God’s will and authority in your circumstances — His control in it all and God’s motivation to benefit you in it all. Challenging circumstances are opportunities of bitachon designed to develop greater holiness in you. Deep calls unto deep. Moreover, faith without action, without trust, or emunah divorced from bitachon, is meaningless. But together, they produce shalom…peace… wholeness… security and other manifestations of holiness. Trust in Adonai. ☝️ He’s got this.

‘Peace’, a hybrid tea.

Four Weeks Till Spring!

The most wonderful time of the year is rapidly approaching — just four weeks till Spring!

Yesterday, I purchased two large container pots and organic potting soil as well as fertilizer for my roses. I have three different roses arriving in the coming weeks plus one already well-established in my new yard. I purchased this home over the winter months and am anxious to see what prior owners have planted. Once I make note of the colors that pop up, I can better design the garden. Until then, I will likely plant the roses in pots though until I can commit to a garden design. Thus far, I am thinking of a cottage-style garden anchored by white roses. How exciting to have a fresh canvas this upcoming Spring!

Despite the lingering winter, remember to be ever-blooming!


Plant Seeds of Hope This Year

In 2022, inspired by my sons, I went back to college. I never finished because life happened. My oldest son graduated college this year and my youngest son entered college this year. As for me, I took 12 credits while working full-time. My major is Legal Studies, which is appropriate since I work at a law firm / real estate title agency. Unlike in my younger years, I am enjoying learning and am getting straight A’s! 🙂 Over the span of this year, in addition to college classes and working, I finished writing my first novel, which I am still editing but hope to self-publish soon. Also, towards the latter part of this year, I bought a cute home in Maryland (with a water view and garden)!

Though some tears were shed, overall, I feel 2022 was a productive, blossoming year. In 2023, I hope to plant roses and more seeds of hope! What are your gardening goals or other goals for 2023? Leave a comment — I’d love to encourage you.

Bloom where you are planted, but also don’t be afraid to be transplanted.

ps-my next class starts mid-January!!

Roses @ Havre De Grace, Maryland

The charming and quaint town of Havre de Grace boasts a lighthouse, shops, history, beach, boating, and roses. Be sure to walk the promenade along the water starting at Friends-Concord Point Lighthouse to Millard Tydings Memorial Park. There you will find not only the lighthouse, but a plethora of hot pink Knock Out rose bushes along your path as well as the serenity of the adjoining waters of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Shanah Tovah | An Ever-Blooming Year

Happy Rosh HaShanah… Good year…Shanah Tovah! May you be ever-blooming throughout each season of the (Jewish) new year! White is a traditional color used in this holiday to symbolize purity, forgiveness, and fresh beginnings or mercy. The rose featured in this photo is ‘Pristine’, a white hybrid-tea with hints of pink.