Lady of the Mist

These roses were photographed at the nursery of Heirloom Roses in Oregon. They are called “Lady of the Mist”. I just so happen to stop by there right after it rained. I just love the drops on the petals.

Lady of the midst2.web.sigladyofthemist


Visiting the “City of Roses”

IMG_1992.JPGLast week, I had the pleasure of visiting Portland, Oregon, also known as the “City of Roses”. Never in my life had I been afforded the opportunity of exploring the Pacific Northwest. What a beautiful state! My husband and I packed in many activities including experiencing enormous waterfalls along the Columbia River, the food trucks located along 10th and Adler Streets, all the way out to Oregon’s coast at Cape Kiwanda. The weather was spectacular especially when you compare it to the extremely hot and humid weather we are accustomed to here in South Central Pennsylvania and the Maryland area. We found it comical Portland had a “heat advisory” for 85 degree weather! Meanwhile, we came back to an “excessive heat advisory” of nearly 110.

Needless to say, while enjoying the perfect temperatures hovering in the upper 60’s and low 70’s, we were blessed to tour not only the beautiful terrain of Oregon, but her roses as well! Known as the “City of Roses”, Portland boasts rose bushes nearly every where you look. The landscaping along the on and off ramps of their highways, median strips, and sidewalks all showcased numerous roses.

While driving back from Cape Kiwanda, noticing the sprawling orchards and nurseries prevalent in Oregon, I recalled Heirloom Roses,the popular online rose supplier of the US, is located just south of Portland. As destiny would have it, according to Google Maps, Heirloom Roses was located just off the next exit on our way back to our hotel. Naturally, with little effort, I was able to persuade my husband into taking a rose detour. In a matter of minutes, I was delighted to tour the facility and gardens of Heirloom Roses. How cool was it to see the very place I’ve ordered roses from! The sales clerk was amicable and gave us free mugs when I purchased a pink tee-shirt that reads, “Sorry, my roses need me!” .


The next day this rose lover / history nerd, toured The End of the Oregon Trail museum, followed by touring Portland’s International Rose Test Garden. My husband was impressed I knew many of the roses by name without looking at the placard. It became a fun little game. Although I knew most of them, there were some roses I had never seen previously. I was hoping to discover a David Austin English rose known as “Lady Emma Hamilton”, a $60 rose bush that sells out super fast. It’s been on my wish list for awhile now, but I had yet to enjoy her in person. Unfortunately, she was no where to be found at the International Rose Test Garden, but it was a lovely garden nevertheless.


The day after visiting the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, we went to Pittock Mansion, which unbeknowst to me also has a rose garden surrounding the mansion itself. In fact, Georgianna Pittock, the lady of the elaborate mansion, was one of the founders of Portland’s Rose Society. She often hosted the rose society’s events in her rose garden. To my utmost surprise and delight, guess what rose was located there? Lady Emma Hamilton! Oh, my, her beautiful sunset orange and pink coloring with abundant fragrance did not disappoint! Frankly, I enjoyed the gardens more than the mansion – especially after discovering my “wish list” rose.

Overall, our trip to Oregon was unforgettable. East Coast mountains, waterfalls, and beaches just don’t even compare to Oregon’s. I’ve told my friends here back home that Oregon ruined me for she is indeed a spectacular state with the added benefit of including a “city of roses”!


Birth Announcement!

I am proud to announce a new addition to my rose family! I just ordered a rose through Heirloom Roses that beckons romance and exquisite beauty… The Eden climbing rose with her 4.5″ dangling blooms will soon greet me as I pull in my driveway. I have been longing for her graceful presence for a few years now and am thrilled to adopt her as my youngest rose baby! Some garden dreams come true…Eden Rose