My Lady Blooms

Approximately two months ago, my first and much anticipated David Austin rose, ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’, arrived in bare root form. I had been wanting this particular rose for years, but every time I went to purchase her through the elite David Austin Roses website, she was sold out. This year, however, I purchased her early around the New Year with success!

Because I live aboard a sailboat named ‘Sailvation’ full-time, I planted her in a 16 inch wide wine-barrel looking plastic pot, which she adapted to just fine. After planting her in Miracle Grow potting soil and compost, I dressed her base with Alyssum, a fragrant, white-flowering dainty flower. I have never “dressed” my roses with companion plants in pots but I was feeling botanically adventurous- or perhaps I should say “BOATanically” adventurous, an alternative name for our boat! 😉 She seemed to thrive instantly bursting with buds, leaflets, and eventually green foliage. This past week, she bloomed for the first time upon putting out four buds. I enjoy waking up each morning having my cup of coffee and being able to check on my rose’s development through the portlight (window) of the boat. Both Lady Emma Hamilton and her companion, Alyssum, boast a “sweet aroma” as they choose to be “ever-blooming”. I hope and pray we all can follow their example.

Perennials Please!

With much anticipation, I long to adopt a few eye-appealing perennials into my family of rose bushes. Nestled within this city, my small urban rose garden will once more delightfully flourish! Soon my hybrid teas, climbers, shrubs, and drifts will swell with new growth as we dance away winter’s frigid blasts of crisp blunt air. As I await such new birth, I find myself perusing a few perennials in shades of blues and purples to (hopefully!) compliment my roses arrayed in yellows, pinks, peaches, corals, creams, and red. Thus far, here is my selection:


Delphinium (Larkspur) Purple Passion {photo credit: unknown}


Clematis Venosa Violacea {photo credit: unknown}


Campanula Bavarian Blue            {photo credit: unknown}

Harlow Carr (Aushouse) Harlow Carr with Lavender Hidcote Blue

Lavandula (Lavender) Hidcote Blue – The rose is David Austin’s “Harlow Carr”. {photo credit: unknown}

Do you have any of these in your garden? What perennials have you found to add interest and beauty to your roses?