The Author

Posing in front of ‘Eden’ at Hershey Gardens in Hershey, Pennsylvania. (Summer 2015)

About Carrie Renee Turner

Carrie Renee Turner discovered her love for roses several years ago upon purchasing a home that already had what’s known as an OGR, or Old Garden Rose. A few years later, she planted 4 disease-resistant, ever-blooming roses in a barren area of her much to be desired yard. Although her old garden rose, known as Paul’s Scarlet Climber is a once-blooming rose, the other roses she purchased are repeat-blooming or ever-blooming roses, meaning they bloom continuously throughout the rose growing seasons.

Visiting Portland’s International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon (August 2016).

Within a couple of years or so, Carrie was enraptured with roses and had accumulated 18 in her garden. The more she began developing her rose garden, the more she could connect spiritual life lessons she had learned in her “roaring twenties” and “enlightening thirties” to the lessons she was learning about rose gardening. As a means to share with others her love of roses and her love for God, she penned two inspirational books designed to impart informative rose gardening tips with a spiritual parallel.


Since then, Carrie sold her home and enjoyed tiny living on a sailboat in Kemah, Texas just southeast of Houston. While living on the sailboat, Carrie still found a way to grow roses and fell in love with a fragrant, fluffy white hybrid tea, called “Full Sail”. She also collected mini-roses and grew veggies. As interesting as sailing was, she found herself more fascinated with her “BOATanical garden” growing onboard! Today, Carrie is back in her home state of Maryland still encouraging others to bloom.

In addition to growing roses, wherever and however she can, Carrie loves to travel to different rose gardens around the country!

The overall purpose of the Ever-Blooming series is to inspire others to keep blooming despite the adversities they may face!  May Carrie’s inspirational words nurture both your soul and your garden as you too choose to be “ever-blooming”.

‘Full Sail’, a hybrid tea flourishes on the bow of a sailboat.

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