The Fruit Reveals the Root

One meaningful lesson I learned in my Jewish studies is if you are manifesting fear or anxiety, it reveals you are not trusting in God.  The fruit reveals the root. “Bitachon” is the Hebrew word for trust, which is different than faith or “emunah”. Faith is more of head knowledge or belief God exists; whereas, trust is a posture of the heart, surrendering action, or a response deep within to God’s will and authority in your circumstances — His control in it all and God’s motivation to benefit you in it all. Challenging circumstances are opportunities of bitachon designed to develop greater holiness in you. Deep calls unto deep. Moreover, faith without action, without trust, or emunah divorced from bitachon, is meaningless. But together, they produce shalom…peace… wholeness… security and other manifestations of holiness. Trust in Adonai. ☝️ He’s got this.

‘Peace’, a hybrid tea.

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