Up-Down-All Around


This year, I am amazed by the abundant growth, healthy foliage, and vibrant colors blossoming in my rose garden. Even roses I didn’t remember being particularly fragrant are smelling oh so nice! Normally, my yard produces pretty roses with little to no help needed thanks to some ideal soil conditions. But this year, I decided to add a bit of mushroom compost around my roses covered by a couple of inches of cocoa hull mulch. I also feed my roses a monthly treat of fish emulsion, which is a stinky brown liquid that I mix according to directions with water.

Plants need many nutrients in order to thrive, but they especially need Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

UP: Nitrogen (N) is responsible for visible growth up above ground and primarily produces healthy leaves. Nitrogen also helps with producing vibrant colors in blooms.

DOWN: Phosphorous (P) is concerned with what’s happening down below ground by providing strong root systems, which help transport needed food to produce more blooms and subsequent fruit.

ALL-AROUND: Potassium (K) is responsible for the all-around health of the plant so it can fend off disease, pests, and environmental stresses like extreme heat. Too much or too little of these elements can alter the health of your plant.

I’ve concluded based off how much I put down and the nutrients it boasts, cocoa hull mulch is what has made the most significant improvement to the prolific health and beauty of my roses this year. What I love about cocoa hull mulch, besides the fact that it looks and smells great, is that it puts nitrogen back into the soil whereas most mulches reduce nitrogen levels. No supplemental nitrogen is needed with this delicious smelling mulch. To be exact, cocoa hull mulch offers one’s garden 2.5% of nitrogen, 1% phosphorous, and 3% potassium. It also has a neutral pH of 5.8, which is perfect for roses. Overall, I am extraordinarily pleased by the up, down, and all around results of cocoa hull mulch as it provides healthy nutrients for my rose garden.

This noticeable difference made me contemplate the importance of feeding our soul with proper nutrition. In doing so, we’ll be firmly rooted in our faith producing lives full of healing foliage along with vibrant fruit such as obedience, love, and peace, all the while being able to fend off diseases like offense and temptation.  I once heard someone say if you aren’t growing in God, then you are shrinking. In order to be an up-down-all around thriving rose in God’s garden, consider supplying the soil of your soul with abundant nutrition.

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