Delighted To Find You

After much researching and deliberation, I set out to find a specific rose of particular beauty and fragrance known as “Double Delight”. As I slowly perused the rows of selection at a local nursery, I was disappointed to not find the rose I had my heart set on. Nevertheless, I lingered about intrigued by the variety of colors and scents displayed before me. Upon walking up and down the aisles, I decided to look a little more carefully just beyond the arrangement of roses for sale. To my utmost surprise and delight, there was my desired rose hiding in a dark, forgotten corner. She was the last one left, wrapped up in bare root form, just waiting to be redeemed. Upon finding this rose known as “Double Delight” and redeeming her as my very own rose, I experienced double delight indeed!

double delight

“Double Delight” {photo credit: unknown}

Did you know, the Spirit of the Lord searches for those He desires? He long-suffers, patiently pursuing us with the desire to redeem us, heal us, transform us. He’s not afraid to reach into the dark, overlooked corner we’ve been hiding in. He sees beauty in us no other can possibly see. He longs to adopt us into His collection of fragrant roses because He knows in time, we will dispense a unique fragrance of love into a hurting city of barrenness. Once we are found and come into His kingdom, Jesus tells us in Luke 15, all of heaven rejoices over such a delightful find! If I delighted in finding such a rose, surely, He doubly delights in finding you!

4 thoughts on “Delighted To Find You

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    The other day I was looking up roses online, and someone mentioned that Double Delight was their favorite. Then I went to Aldi’s just as they were selling roses, I dug in the box, eventually settling on Intrigue, Oklahoma, and Double Delight. So I look forward to watching them grow, the shades of deep purple, blazing crimson, and of course, the captivating red and white of double delight. Now it’s just a matter of being diligent to care for them and patient for the flowers to form. But I think I’ll make quite the rose gardener yet!


    • Carrie Renee Turner says:

      I recently heard Aldi sold roses too! Glad you were able to find some good ones.. I bought Mr. Lincoln this week. Oklahoma and Mr. Lincoln have the same parents – both smell divine and look nearly identical! I can’t wait to see my Mr. Lincoln and Double Delight bloom… I’m sure you are just as excited! A few weeks ago, I planted a purple floribunda like your Intrigue, but called Angel Face. It’s lighter in color but similar. It’s always exciting getting new roses. Happy for your neat findings!


      • Jamie Carter says:

        It’s not often that we even think of trying something new. Roses have a reputation of being finicky, but I’m willing to be patient. If they work out, then with any luck I’ll pick up some more each year here on out. Mr. Lincoln look fascinating as do Angel Face – I really hope they work out for you, too.

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